Dallas Composite Veneers

Composite Veneers For A Beautiful Smile

Smile is usually the first feature people would notice in your personality. And as they say, first impression is the last impression you would not want to make a bad one.

When you live in Dallas, and all you are surrounded by is beauty, you tend to focus a lot on your appearance. From clothes, shoes, make-up to your attracting smile, everything feels good when you look good. In Dallas, composite veneers adds more glow in your smile, so next time you go people around you will not stop complimenting your dazzling smile.

Where certain people have naturally bright, picture perfect smile, some may have dental issues that stops them from smiling confidently. At Veneers Dallas, we believe in feeling comfortable in your skin.” However, there is no harm in upgrading your smile with conservative treatments such as composite veneers.

What are Composite Veneers?

Dallas Composite Veneers

Dental veneers are a star in cosmetic dentistry. They offer minimally invasive solutions to your dental problems. At Veneers Dallas, we use two tooth-colored materials to reconstruct your smile with veneers; porcelain and composite resin.

Composite veneer is a custom made, shell like covering, or restoration that is placed and bonded upper surface of your front teeth (anterior teeth). Composite veneers changes the shape, size, color, symmetry and even the length of the tooth as per the patients requirement.

In Dallas, composite veneers are mainly the treatment of choice, because porcelain veneers are expensive and have their fair share of set backs. However, both are great in serving their purpose and it will be best if your discuss with your dentist the material that will best suit you.

Advantages of veneers

The down side:

All of the set backs of composite veneers can be easily resolved just by adding small increments to the existing veneer to hide the discoloration or repair the chipped off part.

Who is a suitable candidate?

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People in Dallas have creative minds with solutions to everything. Therefore Dallas, composite veneers is the solution to your not-so-confident smile. And if you are a people-pleaser, an attractive smile can make them fall head over heels for you!

Therefore the following dental problems indicate that you qualify as suitable candidate for composite veneers at Veneers Dallas.

You cannot get veneers, if you have:

What is the procedure?

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Before we unravel the steps to get a beautiful smile, it is important to know the different types of composite techniques we use at Veneers Dallas.

1. Direct or One-Visit

In this method, the composite veneer is directly made inside your mouth, over the prepared tooth surface. The dentist will prepare the tooth surface, etch it and place a bonding agent. After which composite increment will be added in incremental layers (each layer will be accrued). Once the desired shape, size and symmetry are achieved, the dentist will polish the surface and send you home after utmost satisfaction!

2. Indirect- One or Multiple Visit

For patients who are in no rush and visits to the dental clinic do not make them anxious, indirect composite is the treatment of choice at Veneers Dallas.

By the book, indirect composite veneer is a two-visit procedure. The dentist will prepare the tooth surface, take an impression of the tooth and opposing jaw and send it to the lab for construction. You will be asked to come again after a few days for final veneer placement.

However, with 3D scans and advanced technology at Veneers Dallas, after taking the impression, the dentist can construct the composite veneer in the clinic outside your mouth. The complete procedure is done in a single visit, however, the patient will have to wait for a while in the clinic.

Procedure to get Direct and Indirect Composite Veneers

Direct Composite Veneers

Indirect Composite Veneers

Are Composite Veneers expensive?

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When they ask you where all your money went- show them your smile.

In Dallas, composite veneers although cheaper than the porcelain veneers are still expensive and your dental insurance plan might not pay for it. A single composite veneer costs about $250 to $1500. People still prefer composite veneers instead of other long-term dental procedure at Veneers Dallas, because they can last for decades if taken care of.

Moreover, they are worth the money, even if they are damaged you can come to us and get the veneer fixed!

Smile- The best way to say Good-bye!

Your smile is a lifelong investment, hence choose your options wisely!

A confident smile is an epitome of a strong personality, it speaks for you before your words do. With the advanced dental technology and innovative techniques, there is no space for impossible or fear at Veneers Dallas. To know what your smile needs, come to us for a dental consultation and let us take all the unhappiness away!